Alembicized Guild Starfire (1970 or so)- SOLD - Long Gone  

Natural Mahogany Starfire modified by Rick Turner while he was at Alembic ; the original owner, a Casady fan, asked for a bass patterned on the Casady mod - this bass however is more "inspired by" than "patterned on" - yes 2 full superfilters & god knows what else on board!


From the previous owner:


"As far as the control layout, it is pretty straightforward. There is a 5 way pickup selector and master volume on the horn.  The top 5 knobs are for the neck pickup. The bottom 5 are for the bridge pickup. There is a volume and tone for each pickup when it is in passive mode. Then you can use the dial switch on the bass for low/high/or band pass. There is a q knob that you can dial in the frequency you want to accentuate and there is also a blend that lets you mix the q that you dialed in to the passive sound. I know it seems crazy. I think the best way to figure it out is to set it on one pickup and just tweak. Then go for the other channel ! The possibilities are endless. This setup puts any series II to shame for tonal variations. You will also notice 2 trim pots on the face of the bass. That is for the gain of each preamp. There is also a small toggle switch that selects stereo or mono. With the bass in passive mode, using the trim pots and the tone controls, is basically the same setup I have on my 1972 Alembic. My 72 Alembic is hands down the best bass I ever played or heard. The Guild Starfire is a very close second. It is basically the same electronically, with 2 superfilters added! "


Not many of these floating around.