My G.A.S. Page: Basses & Guitars

(Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Here are a few shots of most of my basses & guitars.

This is a hobbyist site & is not a dealer site.

If anything is for sale, it is listed on the For Sale page.


Froggy Bottom H12 Deluxe (2011)

"best quality 60 year old quilted sapele"

Adi Top


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Steve Denvir All-Mahogany

12 Fret Short Scale 000 

Tone-tapped top, complete hide glue construction and complete french polish finish. Flamed  Mahogany from Tom Thiel at Northwind Woods.



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The Jefferson CamperGuitar

Emerald T8 Custom Woody Sunburst
Carbon Fibre

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Gold Tone
 Paul Beard Deluxe Reso

Genuine Beard Setup


1967 Guild Starfire Bass

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My Bass Amps & Cabs 

Aguilar AG500 (Brown/Tweed)

Tweed Aguilar DB 285 JC (Jack Casady Cab)


1997 SWR Interstellar Overdrive

Direct into
Black Aguilar Jack Casady cab






Gold Tone GM70 Mandolin